About GelTint

We are delighted to introduce GelTint, our fast, precise colour matching service for top quality gelcoats, highly recommended for use in all markets including marine, land transport and building applications. It is also suitable for general moulding requirements.

Scott Bader continues to expand its global reach with GelTint machines installed all over the world enabling us to reach more global customers. 

  • Fast

    With an expanding network of dispensing machines, we can offer rapid turnaround of the industry leading range of Crystic GelTint gelcoats, providing a wide range of colours and bases quickly and efficiently.

  • Precise

    The GelTint machine automatically dispenses a precise volume of colourant into each batch for high batch-to-batch consistency.

  • Resilient

    GelTint uses gelcoats renowned for their long term resistance to weathering, with low colour change and high gloss retention.

Advantages of GelTint

GelTint is a complete system that offers the latest in pigment and gelcoat technology combined with advanced dispersion equipment to guarantee that you receive the renowned Scott Bader quality for ease of use, finish and longevity associated with its gelcoats.

Products with Lloyd’s Approval for Marine: GT-600, GT-640, GT-900 & GT-1000

Sustainable packaging with liners

Easier manual handling

Wide range of colours available

No minimum order quantity

Fast service

Reduced stock levels

Excellent batch to batch consistency

High quality

Product Range

GelTint Bases

GelTint has a selection of bases available to satisfy all markets. The current bases available in GelTint:

Isophthalic Gelcoats*

GT-600: Isophthalic Gelcoat for Brush Application

GT-640: Low Viscosity Isophthalic Gelcoat for Brush Application

GT-900: Isophthalic Gelcoat for Spray Application

Iso-NPG Gelcoats*

GT-1000: Iso-NPG Gelcoat for Spray Application


Topcoat versions are available in all bases

*Product with Lloyd’s approval for Marine 

Call our Technical Support line on: +44 (0)1933 663100

GelTint Colourants

The colourants are formulated with new pigmentation technology. They are:

Low hazard

Low hazard





Robust in Colour Durability

Robust in Colour Durability